In life, everything is a story of passion. It is she who gets us out of bed in the morning, she who makes us sparkle and experience timeless moments. And the best thing about passion is sharing it. Like happiness, passion is only real when shared.

Sport is a passion, practiced by a multitude of enthusiasts.
Besides the desire to share this passion, Foehn is about sharing a state of mind; guided by the desire to do better, always, all the time. A strength of character well known to athletes. To do our best in creating a sportswear that fits everyone, amateur or professional. To do our best with the design of a product that limits its footprint on the planet. To do our best with a product that values ​​its manufacturers at their fair value. Do our best with quality sportswear that lasts over time.
So even if on our scale we seem very small, we try to do the best we can, to be able to continue to practice and share our passion on this beautiful planet. And as together we go further, we decided to involve you in this adventure.

To create Foehn, we chose to surround ourselves with high-performance professionals in their respective fields. We bet on the local, using the known and recognized know-how of our beloved Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. A meticulous textile supplier, using a particular weaving method, for top technicality and lightness. A clothing workshop specializing in the cutting and assembly of technical and sports textiles.

And above all, we made it a point of honor that all the workers in our chain were valued, because for us, that's the most important thing.

So there you have it, what we want at Foehn is to share our passion for sport with you through our responsible clothing.

Have Foehn!

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Merci Camille et merci à vos équipes ! Depuis vos magnifiques publications sur Insta, il me tarde de passer et d’éprouver vos créations .
À très vite

Jean-Charles Cottron

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